Sunday, November 02, 2003

More Tests!! 

I m putting off real work for something that takes no tought at all.
Look I didnt get Vampire for once YAY
Whoa! You are a psycho! You are like a clown with a
maniacal laughter who wields a knife or any
other sharp weapon. You would be haunting kids'
dreams. You are the type that may enjoy to
frighten people and laugh at it. You probably
go a little past frighten--especially toward
animals. If you enjoy watching animals suffer,
that's already a bad sign. The thing about you
is that you know you're insane, but you like
it. Anyway, Happy Crazy, Twisted-Up, Halloween,
you Freaky Clown. Don't hurt anyone or

What Halloween Figure Are You? (Fun Quiz! MANY RESULTS!)
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Opp back to my old ways
Vampire! You want to be the darkest of the dark.
The powerful undead. You need to be a

In ancient times it was thought
that demons would come to collect souls on
Halloween. Were you aware that your soul has
just been stolen?

In ancient times it
was thought that demons would come to collect
souls on Halloween. Were you aware that your
soul has just been stolen?
soul.cjb.com">Click here to Save your

What Halloween Costume should you wear?
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You're goin' down! FOR MURDER!
Please rate if you liked!

If you're a goth please visit
groups.msn.com/gothicteensoftheworld and join
up cause it rules!

What Would You Go to Jail For? (Many outcomes)
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The sad part Im the chick the good part Im the hot chick.
SELENE: You are selene!
Beautiful, vivacious,
fierce and seductive, Selene vowed she would
destroy Lycans after her family was murdered by
the werewolves. So ruthless is she that selene
is a member of the Death Dealers. This elite
Vampire warrior class's mission is to make the
Lycans extinct. This 127-year-old
"aggressive hunter of the underworld"
combines a mastery of ancient weaponry with
modern pleasures, such as driving Jaguars and
using computers. However, Selene's ambitions
are suppressed by Kraven. She longs for
Viktor's reawakening so that he becomes the
Vampire's regent once again.

Ever wish
you could be a vampire?
Click Here to become a Vampire!

Which UNDERWORLD character are you?
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I think I ll stick with Spider

Driretlan is your Vampire name.
You are a witty Vampire with a certain style that
others are drawn to.
To use your new Vampire name and become a Vampire,
go here:

What is your Vampire name?
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Saturday, November 01, 2003

Free Your Mind 

You know why I never update this thing cause it never works right every time it always messes up with the post so bloody annoying damn ponce.


More updates to the site cam is added. Dont have all the graphix ready or the energy to make all the page changes and all the links the way I want it for now so in the mean time you can only get to the cam back page by clicking the picture. Today is my friend James' birthday 18 everyone go hit him then by him porn he'll like that.

Found out they are making a Blood Rayne 2 whooo hooo! She is also getting a movie very kick ass. Check out the official site BloodRayne2.Com and these well put together fan sites Blood Rayne Underground and BloodRayne.net

Four days till Matrix Revolutions yeaaaah. Six days till Godsmack.

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