Sunday, October 26, 2003

Go'in Down To Fun-kay Town 

Yeah I never update this.... since the last I ve seen just Manson passed up seeing Superjoint Ritual just because I didnt feel like it ;) Manson was really good nice stage show met Brittany there and a new hyper lil person names Katie she seems slightly crazy but in a kool way and damn she knows a hell of a lot of people. Then there was this guy that pretty was all over the two pedafile rapist type, really felt like kicking his ass but kept cool eventually he left after threatening me with his brown belt. LOL, hardly a threat the guy could barely stand up. Lets see what other usless babbly can I spew out here. Slayer and Hatebreen are here on Thursday its a three day school week on wednesday I m going to school all bloody and cut up Halloween such a fun time of yeat dont know if they will let me keep it on or not but meh what can you do. Thats all for now I l update this again some time between now and next All Hollows Eve. Laters

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

We're All Stars Now... 

Well benn a wile since this has been updated. The site is all caught up in its updateing. The comments on this had to be rememoved because the host of it has some virus issues dont know when that will be returned. Since last time I ve seen Mudvayne and MushroomHead for the Fourth time for both of them. Found out Kittie is comeing back to town Hell YEAH. Manson is this weekend then after that a shit load more comeing just a malee of concerts comeing its insanity. I m going to be so damn broke. Well laters for now.
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Paranoia Calculator by owlie
Date of Birth
Bounty on my head$994,743
Stormtroopers after me603
Date of captureFebruary 10, 2035
Escape?Escaped, then eaten by rabid chipmunks.
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